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Non-leveraged products

Discover a unique way to invest in popular share and cryptocurrency CFDs


iFOREX allows you to benefit from trading some of the world’s most prominent shares and cryptocurrencies with no leverage, giving you more ways to diversify your portfolio and take advantage of long-term investment opportunities at minimal cost. Trading of Non-leveraged products is executed at a 1:1 ratio (margin:deal size) and is available on shares such as Tesla, Apple and Intel, as well as on leading cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum and more.

Non-leveraged product exchange rates

For your convenience, here are the live rates of our popular Non-leveraged assets:

Rates are according to the sell price of the asset.
You can view the full list of iFOREX's Non-leveraged assets here.

CFD Trading of Non-leveraged products

Contracts for Difference (CFDs) allow traders to invest in a wide variety of products that are less accessible within their region, and without the need to own or store them physically.
By trading CFDs, traders can decide whether to Buy or Short any of the available products with unmatched ease and execution speed.
Additional benefits of CFDs include the ability to trade (either buy or sell) fractional shares as well as being able to keep your cryptocurrencies in an environment safer than an exchange.

Features of Non-leveraged trading

  • Using non-leveraged products reduces portfolio risk and lowers exposure, which is ideal for traders seeking longer-term investments.
  • Overnight financing charges do not apply to Long positions, meaning you can buy an asset and keep it for a very long time without paying any maintenance or holding fees.