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Getting started with iFOREX trading

Learn about commodity, index, share and forex trading in the form of CFDs

Getting started with iFOREX trading

Are you ready to start online CFD trading?

Here is some useful information about the iFOREX online trading platform and services to get you started.
If you have any questions, contact us.

How to open your iFOREX account

  • Register

    Press the “Register” button

  • Fill in your details

    Fill in your details

  • Deposit funds to activate your account

    Deposit funds to activate your account

How to open your first CFD trade

  • Choose an instrument and a deal slip will open

    Choose an instrument and a deal slip will open

  • Select “Sell” (short) or “Buy” (long)

    Select “Sell” (short) or “Buy” (long)

  • Choose your preferred deal size

    Choose your preferred deal size

  • Press the “Deal” button

    Press the “Deal” button

You can set Stop Loss and Take Profit limits so your deal will close automatically once it reaches specific price levels.

What is a CFD

CFD stands for Contract For Difference. When you do online CFD trading, you are essentially investing in the price of a specific instrument, without having to actually buy or store it. What is a single contract? It depends on the instrument.

CFD type
1 contract
Oil Oil
The price of 1 oil barrel
Gold Oil Gold
The price of 1 ounce of gold
The price of 1 euro

What is leverage trading

Leverage allows you to open large deals with a relatively small investment.
How large? Up to 400 times your initial investment, depending on the instrument you trade.

This means that with a $500 investment you can open trades worth up to $200,000.

What is leverage trading

Keep in mind that while leverage increases your online CFD trading power, it also increases risk to your investment, so be sure to use with sufficient knowledge and training.

iFOREX offers Negative Balance Protection policy, so you can never lose more than your initial investment. No matter what happens, your account will never go into minus.

Expand your knowledge

iFOREX provide you with all of the resources and tools you need to improve as a trader.

  • 1-on-1 training

    1-on-1 trainingLearn about trading strategies and the market at your own pace.

  • The iFOREX online trading App

    The iFOREX online trading AppReceive market updates and alerts by downloading our free app.

  • A $5,000 Demo Account

    A $5,000 Demo AccountPractice and improve with no risk until you are ready to trade for real.

  • Education resources

    Education resourcesBenefit from PDF guides, video tutorials are informative articles.

  • News and analysis

    News and analysisGet detailed market information and reports on a daily basis.

  • iFOREX Trading tools

    iFOREX Trading toolsTake advantage of trading signals, economic calendar, and more.