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Our proprietary trading platform

Advanced, user-friendly and secure

Our proprietary trading platform

iFOREX allows you to trade via a tailor-made trading platform. This exclusive platform enables you to fully customize your trading experience while benefiting from innovative trading tools .

Mobile first - iFOREX app

The iFOREX platform provides an optimal mobile trading experience, ensuring that traders can access their accounts from any mobile device, whenever they choose. Be sure to download the iFOREX app, which is available for free on the App Store and Google Play.

Prefer trading from your computer? This versatile platform operates smoothly and securely on any standard computer – no download required.

Mobile first - iFOREX app

Hundreds of tradable instruments

The iFOREX platform offers hundreds of tradable CFDs from multiple regions and industries. The selection of tradable instruments allows traders to easily diversify their trading portfolio, while finding the instrument they want quickly and efficiently.

Hundreds of tradable instruments

We put the trader first

Unlike other trading platforms, the iFOREX platform is a proprietary solution, created in-house and improved using real clients’ experience and feedback. We built this platform relying on over 25 years of market experience and we constantly enhance and update its abilities to fit the needs of modern, informed traders.

The iFOREX trading platform features

  • Offers a secure, regulated trading environment
  • Equipped with an Economic Calendar and Trading Signals
  • Includes advanced live charts and indicators
  • Can be customized according to traders’ needs
  • User friendly and intuitive
  • Supports trading from multiple devices

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